Sinan Demiratar

UX Designer / Streamer

About Me

I had 9+ years of experience in design but I've been focusing on User Experience Design since 2016-17. I design based on one simple thing which most of the companies choose to skip; customer journey.

If you think there is no science behind UX, remember the false nuclear missile alert in Hawaii.

Softwares I love




Adobe Softwares




Steam (I ❤️ Games)

How can I help?

You don't need a beautiful design. You need a user-friendly website and I can help you to create positive impact through design.

UX Consulting

Need a holistic view of your product? Ping me to get a consulting service. I can help you build your brand, your website or most importantly, your product.

Web and App Design

I can help you with designing your website or application based on UX institutes and today's design principles.

UX Workshops

I can give a helpful workshop for your employees to boost their knowledge on the real world of the design. Yes, UX is the best, topic is closed.

People Like Me

They really like me, I'm serious.


Please contact me, I won't bite.